Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the fresh, new face of Tasmanian Life Magazine. We are now truly part of the digital age, with a stunning, fully interactive website that will keep Tasmanians, those on the mainland and international readers up-to-date with the latest on what is happening in Tasmania.

We have in-depth articles and fabulous images available digitally, whilst still maintaining the excellent standard that you have come to love and expect in the form of Tasmania’s only ‘glossy’ magazine. We are able to bring you this wider experience, providing a global coverage of trends, events and ordinary Tasmanians doing extraordinary things through our website at www.tasmanianlife.com.au increasing the accessibility to information for all. Our printed publication is still very important to us, as we know that it sits on coffee tables for months around Tasmania. We have endeavoured to bring you the best quality stories in a top quality publication.

The magazine now has much wider exposure, allowing us to promote Tasmania at its best and provide access for our readers, subscriber and advertisers alike through our website. We are able to provide destination information to tourists as well as maintain that feeling of accessibility and familiarity in a stunning, glossy format.

We are mindful of our readers’ loyalty and have made every effort to grow this even further, by preserving the stories and sections that you loved, such as food and wine, gardens, the arts, fashion, auto reviews and travel. We are very mindful of being true to our roots and keeping the integrity of the magazine. We aim to increase men’s appreciation of the publication with stories on sport, current affairs, finance, and technology and of course the popular auto reviews.

I am sure that Tasmanian Life Magazine will continue to keep the connection to Tasmania alive for many who have left the island and those who do reside here, with our beautiful photographic documentation of what is one of the most visually stunning natural environments in Australia. We are so fortunate to have and experience the ever developing faces of Tasmania, the contemporary, cosmopolitan lifestyle that is emerging in more recent times in the cities of Hobart and Launceston, contrasted with the relaxed rural communities of coastal and inland areas.

I do hope you embrace the rebirth of this wonderful publication that is here to stay, and take a moment to think about the commitment of the Tasmanian Life Magazine team who have been and are unyielding in their determination to keep going and bring you the very best.



Claire Andrews, Editor


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