Claire & Phillip

Claire and Phillip met in Amsterdam in 2005; they were both travelling on a gap year around Europe. By all accounts it was love at first sight; and they were soon to discover that travel was one of their most loved and shared interests. Very soon Phil was to take Claire to Switzerland where he taught her to snowboard.

After eight months overseas Phil asked Claire to accompany him back to Tasmania to meet his family and so began the story of their life together. First though, they stopped off in South Africa to meet Claire’s parents where Phil was given a large tick of approval. Two years later Phillip was to ask Claire to marry him on a beach in George, South Africa.

They chose the ideal setting of Meadowbank Winery for their wedding, which Claire had fallen in love with on an earlier visit. Claire and her bridesmaids had one of the upstairs rooms for somewhere to relax as she prepared for her big day. The girls make up was by Shimmer and hair by Sfumato.


A girl of Irish decent, Claire has always particularly loved the Irish Blessing:

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun

And find your shoulder to light on

To bring you luck, happiness and riches

Today, tomorrow and beyond.


It was an easy choice then to have the firm Butterfly Release ship 140 butterflies on ice for their special day. The bridesmaids were entrusted with their care until their moment of release, creating an amazing spectacle with Tom Payne officiating at their wedding as the celebrant. Golden Tulip created a beautiful cake that was Claire asserts, “The most beautiful cake she had ever seen.”

Flowers by Fig of Hobart completed the picture and made it a very special day that the couple will never forget.

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