Casaveen Knitwear

What a difference a few decades make! From a cottage industry using their own wool in 1989, Allan & Clare McShane created  Casaveen Knitwear. With a passion for wool they decided to take it to the next level by transforming it into knitwear. They are totally committed  to manufacturing in Australia and producing the highest quality knitwear for their customers. Today they are still making their own knitwear.

Located in Oatlands, a small town in the centre of Tasmania, Casaveen Knitwear is one of Tasmania’s best kept secrets.

If you are sick of imports and want something that really is made in Australia, here’s your answer. There aren’t too many manufacturers left in this country and Casaveen is one of the best.

There is a core range of fabulous styles which is updated annually.



Once customers have experienced the quality and comfort of Casaveen Knitwear they frequently become devotees of the brand.

This is where you get Italian quality without the price tag!

Being aware there are very few perfectly sized people anywhere, Casaveen developed their made to measure service. While the range is large, if your size isn’t readily available in any of their colours and styles, they will make it just for you. That way you get what you want and it fits you properly. You will look & feel amazing in superb, stylish knitwear that will last for years!

If you are visiting Tasmania, allow about an hour and a half to visit Casaveen Knitwear in Oatlands. Take the free personalised tour and see how the knitwear is made, enjoy the café and check out the current range in the Showroom.  It’s well worth it.

The knitwear is available online and in true country tradition, through their mail order service. Let them know you want one of the free full colour catalogues and it will be sent promptly. You can also purchase from a select group of retailers throughout Australia.

There is also a great and easy to navigate website at so have a look to see what is new as it will be often updated throughout the year.




44 High Street
Oatlands TAS 7120
Phone:  0362 540044
Fax:  0362 540040
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